Academy Instructors

Jaime Laing, Owner, Senior Instructor
3rd Dan Black Belt
2nd Place Australian Champion
Training since 2002
A mum of 2, a successful business owner, Personal Trainer, and Health & Fitness Coach, this super Mummy is a force to be reaconed with.
Jaime is a highly experienced trainer and motivator.
A brief stint in tournaments before becoming a Mum, Jaime was strong competition against much younger competitors!
Kevin Laing, Master Instructor
6th Dan Black Belt Hapkido
1st Dan Black Belt Taekwondo
2 Time World Heavy Weight Champion
6 Time Australian Champion
Training since 1990
Machine, is one word to describe Kevin!  Having a list longer than his arm of titles and fights won, Kevin is super experienced in the art of Hapkido.
Having trained for 22 years in the art, it is an honour to have him teach our students.  When Kevin speaks, the class listens!
Davy Lau, Instructor
3rd Dan Black Belt Hapkido

Shane Mellross, Instructor

2nd Dan Black Belt Hapkido

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Brad Timmins, Assistant Instructor
3rd Dan Black Belt Hapkido
Training since 1989
Known for his speed, power, flexibility, agility, mental calmness.

In 1993 Brad was selected to go to Northern Cypress (Turkey) to fight the World Taekwondo Champion who was undefeated in 12 years. Brad lost by half a point.

Brad is highly experienced, and it is an honour to have him train with us.  He knows his stuff, no matter who you are, you can learn from Brad. 

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Alex Ries, Assistant Instructor
1st Dan Black Belt Hapkido

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